biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of pilonidal cysts




The causes for pilonidal cysts are multiple. Besides a genetic predisposition, the following factors encourage the development of pilonidal cysts:


·  Excessive body hair

·  Obesity

·  Heavy sweating, especially in combination with tight underwear

·  Weak immune system

·  Lack of hygiene

·  Sitting over long periods


To prevent affection, it is recommended to avoid the above mentioned factors. Besides a wholesome nutrition and a strong immune system, sufficient hygiene in the genital and perineal area is crucial. Furthermore, those affected should not wear underwear that is too tight. This especially accounts for people who sweat heavily – they should change sweaty underpants as timely as possible.


People with excessive body hair are recommended to remove their hair permanently through epilating the affected area – a simple shave is not sufficient. This advice should also be taken into account by people who have already been suffering from a pilonidal cyst. This is the only way to hinder hairs from growing into the skin and thus cause the development of a pilonidal cyst.