biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of pilonidal cysts


Pilonidal cysts – treated in a minimally invasive way


Pilonidal cysts are chronic inflammatory abscesses which appear in the area of the gluteal cleft. Without effective treatment, they can cause severe pain and considerably impair the patients’ wellbeing.

The innovative laser procedure SiLaC® by biolitec® offers a minimally invasive treatment of pilonidal cysts. Minimally invasive, that means a gentle, outpatient procedure under local anesthesia with only little pain.

The causes of pilonidal cysts are manifold. In addition to hereditary predisposition, the following factors in particular promote the development of a pilonidal cysts, some of which the patients can influence beneficially: strong hairiness, heavy sweating - especially in combination with tight underwear -, a weak immune system, prolonged sitting and smoking.

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