biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of pilonidal cysts


In Focus

Everything will be alright! - There is help for diseases of the sphincter and rectum


The human body has enormous self-healing powers. Nevertheless, at a certain severity of an illness it needs help from outside. This also accounts for pilonidal cysts. Affected people are highly recommended to consult a physician at the earliest signs, also to avoid later complications.


But many patients dread the treatment. Up to now, pilonidal cysts were mostly removed during an elaborate surgery which was often accompanied by prolonged periods of recovery and severe scar formation. Additionally, wound healing is often complicated, and besides the cyst itself, lots of surrounding tissue had to be removed as well.


FiLaC® is different. For a long time, this laser therapy has been successfully implemented to treat anal fistulas – and now it is also an innovative alternative to common surgery when treating pilonidal cysts.


FiLaC® is a minimally invasive approach. Minimally invasive means that only a smallest intervention in the body is carried out: A laser probe is carefully led into the inflamed fistula tract. There, the fistula tissue is being radiated with laser energy and thus specifically atrophied. The surrounding tissue is not harmed. After just a few minutes, the treatment is over.


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